Help using the bugtracking system in images

The bugtracking system is used to gather found bugs, request future features
or simply ideas and to document the debugging of WackoWiki.
Do you have discovered any bugs or do you have any suggestions for improvement
let us know through the bugtracking system.

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Оглавление документа

1. Registration

Go to /bugs.
There the following screen shows up:

bugtracker_login (43 ??)

What to do:

1. Press: [Sign up for a new account]

2. After this, you fill fields [username] and [e-mail].
Then the password will be sent to you by email.

3. Login with your new Password.

2. Association buglist (Main Page)

After login the following page appears:

bugtracker_welcome page (47 ??)

bugtracker_welcome legend 1_4 (1 ??) Important:
Choose WackoWiki here to report bugs 4 WackoWiki

bugtracker_welcome legend 1_3 (1 ??) [3. My Account]
Following the first reference you will be shown how to preadjust your bugreporting. This is absolutely necessary but easy to do and will not cost you much effort!

bugtracker_welcome legend 1_2 (1 ??) [4. View Bugs]
The second reference will bring us to the page where you can view all reported bugs and sort them according to your needs.

bugtracker_welcome legend 1_1 (1 ??) [5. Report Bugs]
By choosing the third reference you will be able to post up your noticed errors and found ideas by filling in a simple form.

3. My account bugtracker_welcome legend 1_3 (1 ??)

3.1. How to change password

BugTracker change password (31 ??)

What to do:

1. login (4 registered users) here
2. click [My account] (top left)
3. change password

3.2. Profile (specify bug environment!)

bugtracker_myaccount_profile (59 ??)

What to do:

1. click [My account] (top left)
2. click [Profiles] (upper right)
3. fill in *required fields and click “Add Profile”
4. Select your newly added Profile and “Make default” (drop down menu bottom page)
5. click “submit”

Description (help)

Plattform: kind of webserver: e.g. Apache
Operating System: e.g. Linux, Windows 9x,NT,XP etc.
Version WikiVersion: e.g. R4.0, SVN Rev:
Additional Description PHP, MySQL, Apache version...???

4. View Bugs bugtracker_welcome legend 1_2 (1 ??)

bugtracker_view_bugs (89 ??)

Bugtracker_bugs_sort_by (1 ??)

Please refer to 6.1 – 6.6

What to do:
View all reported bugs and sort them according to your needs.

Description (help)

Sort monitored bugs by
6.1 [Reporter] Person, who reported the bug
6.2 [Assigned to] Person, who called for solving the bug
6.3 [Category]
6.4 [Severity] of bug
6.5 [Status] of bug solving progress
6.6 [filter quantity] to limit the number of shown bugs

5. Report Bugs

bugtracker_report_bugs (90 ??)

6. Sort monitored bugs by Bugtracker_bugs_sort_by (1 ??)

Its basic content – tape of association buglist. In general, almost the same you will be able to find from address /buglist. Difference, as you surely noted, in the cap.
Here we have immediately much information. We will be investigated in the order


6.1. Reporter

Select your login name here to monitor bugs you reported.
Select Id-number (e.g. 0013435) to get a closer look

6.2. Assigned To

This list makes it possible to filter bugs according to that person, which otvetstvennen for the work on them

6.3. Category

* this list makes it possible to more accurately select the category of problems. For example for project NPJ it is possible to select category “announcements”:

6.4. Severity

6.5. Status

status of problem

Bugtracking_system (7 ??)

6.6. Filter quantity (Show)

limit the number of shown bugs

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