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David Collantes: Kuso, there is a problem I am noticing while using IE6. It seems related to the cookies. If I login, I can logout for the first time. Then if I login again, the logout from the top (while using the “tabs” theme) is not login me out, still shows me as logged in.

YuriMakarov: It's not a Wacko problem, it's problem with IE. I does happens on my IE also, but on Mozilla it doesn't. On IE you must force refresh (Ctrl/Refresh).
David Collantes: The problem will not happen if you logoff from Recent Changes, Registration, Users and others, but _only_ when you do it from the Home Page. I added ?v=bls at the end of the logoff string and that made the trick. Now it works fine under IE and Mozilla.

David Collantes: Also, it would be nice to have some documentation in english, to take advantage of all the features Wacko has to offer. Right now I am going on a “try and trial”. You can test what I am talking about on my Wacko test installation.

David Collantes: Could it be possible to add the “rename” tab on the tabs theme?

MDD: This logout problem appears also in Mozilla 1.6 and 1.7b. I am unable to logout from many pages. It is necessary to delete cookie manually to logout. This same happened with IE 6.0.
I am talking about R4 Wacko Wiki edition. I know that this is only a beta version, but this bug is annoying.

Hi. Every time I try to email Roman Ivanov (which seems to be the main email), I get “delivery failed”. Therefore I post the questions here...

We have just began to run wackowiki at group.aharonic.net
It's a lovely program, so 1st of all – THANKS! For all of you involved in making it.

There are two questions that popped up:
* Watch function does not seem to work. Is that a bug or did we do
something wrong?
* Wacko does not encrypt emails of registered users. It can be done by
hand on phpmyadmin, however, is there an easier or quicker way to do such
encryption with wackowiki?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Aha Ron

Hi, Im Alejandro Sánchez, ErchacheWiki

I like to contribute to Wacko Wiki project translating into spanish website. I see you make english wackowiki page but it is protected and cant to get it. Can you copy them into spanish page which i created. Thanks...

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