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Roman Ivanov.

mailto:thingol@mail.ru ICQ:551593 http://www.livejournal.com/users/kukutz/ http://ar.sky.ru/

I'm maintainer of Wacko Wiki project.






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Please find new action: calendar Jevgeni Zinovjev

Sorry, but thingol@mail.ru doesnt run and you dont get my icq connection....

Hi Roman, I'm Alejandro Sánchez. Erchache Wiki on wackowiki. See my 
personal wiki page or my wiki http://wiki.us.es/asmarin.

I want to contribute to your project translation into spanish webpage. I 
see some contributions but i dont like this.

I have a problem, english page made by Kuso Mendokusee are protectect
and cant get code to make a similar translation. I send a message into
the wiki but i dont have his/her email, can you send me, please?

Mi icq number is: 261678738, mi messenger is erchache2000@hotmail.com.

Has exist a irc channel on freenode.net?

Well, im waiting for your reply, i dont like large emails ;-D

p.d.: Im a job mate and friend of Juanan of Spain, do you remember him?

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