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new install: http://wirelesslondon.info – I wonder if anyone else has tried using Wacko as a CMS like this. I heavily customised one of the themes and made it into a simple CMS. You login by visiting the login page (you have to know about it, or follow a link), then you can edit the site by double clicking, if you're in the Admin group. I used the ACLs to define a public wiki admin group, who can change public pages, then I made another wacko install with a (default theme) wiki-like interface for the same site on a subdomain. I quite like this and other editors of the website find it very intuitive. I'm interested to see if anyone else has thought of using wackowiki in this way..

http://dlpdev.theps.net (my wackowiki install – now sadly spammed to bits)
http://twenteenthcentury.com/saulcv/ – everything else.

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