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I noticed you were lookimg for comments on the URL Syntax/linking modifications you have made.

I am interested in making just this change to my Wakka at http://addiki.com et al.

I recently made an extensive comparison of some ��� �������� ������Free_Link systems and their variations at http://www.kwiki.org/index.cgi?SpacedTitleName of Kwiki, Tavi, Oddmuse and Wakka individualities and features:

(please excuse references to writing on the Kwiki site location)

Observations on case in headline and title name ... in a desire for cleaner, clearer, more widely palatable communication; and searchability, i.e., it's worth it:

I'm just re-examining the case details and actions of the Tavi (Perl) at http://www.maccaws.org/wiki/index.php?page=Wiki+css ... and wiki+Css and Wiki+Cs ... and my current (Php) Wakka, which both create capitalized titles from the link structure.

Tavi at maccaws uniformly draws link, page headline, and title, from the link; but also will write page headline in the same case that an incoming URI calls. Wakka also uniformly does page head and title (WikiWord) from link, but of the incoming URI it is case insensitive – it draws the page headline according to it's link data record.

Wiki, wiki, wiKi, in the URI etc., will pull up the Wi Ki? casenamed page title and headline, and content, in Wakka if it is the already created arrangement of the letters, which except for the ��� �������� ������Free Link absence, is the better, I believe. Original link case is determinant.

A variation in URI case also pulls the existing page content in Tavi/maccaws, but the URI cases are mirrored in the page headline and title, recreating design and word and emphasis. Not Good? Although the Tikki Tavi? system at maccaws feels smoother – it performs according to spacing and capitalization mores of common experience – in these few points of detail it may be inferior to the stock Wakka.

I have also just encountered today development of spacing in Wakka by a Wacko fork 3.5, but I have not knowledge of an installation of it which performs the link to page to title spacing accomplished by Tikki Tavi?. As a further example of case and spacing, Oddmuse (Perl) is an excellent development, but did not jump into this comparison – hold on:

Example: Names and more? is a free link.

Source: http://oddmuse.org/Link_Pattern

In most cases, single brackets are used:

Example: [http://www.emacswiki.org/ The Emacs Wiki]

However, in Odd Muse?, incoming URI's dictate page headlines, and a single character case variation introduces the new page creation template, and correction of the case in the URI and refreshing or repeating the send causes the URI to be 'remistaked' from the incorrect page headline data, which may be a useful option in very rare cases (?), but from the link creation and not the URI.

The system allows for Wiki Words? only, Free Links only, and other optional combinations. In short, a miscased URI will not only fail to find content, but encourage a similarly named page creation.

.18, .19, .2 – the introduction of the spacing and case features may go a long way in allowing a wider range of applications which value education, design, searchablity and accurate Word Character identity presentation. I hope that whenever the spacing feature appears, if it does, that it will closely reflect the alternatives and options used in general communications.

I feel the wiki collaboration format is expanding it's reach, influence, and power to organize and communicate; and to do so effectively, it will benefit from these assets. I also think that if it can be done, it can be done here. I was, and am, very encouraged by the energy and detail with which this gauntlet is being run by the contributors to the Kwiki way.

Forest, 30 june

Kwiki also has an a discussion at http://www.kwiki.org/index.cgi?SpacedPageName with more opinions on the technical options and problems.

Other comments may be found at http://wakkawiki.com/FreeLink and http://kliki.com/FreeLink.

I have downloaded 3.5 but I am not prepared to install, but I would like to know which of the 3.5 modules is, or are, responsible for creating URL modification to Free Link.

Josh Forest, http://sandwiki.com

It was a kind of quest for me to understand your thoughts clear. It is due my poor knowledge of English, of course. That is why i am begging you pardon, if some understanding gone in a wrong way.

As I can assume, ��� �������� ������Free Link is an ability to create link to page named “Several Words”, yep? then you should create such Free Link? — created as ((Several Words == Free Link)) or [[Several Words == Free Link]] and that`s ok.

Then I suppose that case-insensitiveness, space-insensitiveness & XLat-insensitiveness (I mean, we here speak Russian & since have some clumsed URL if russian letters goes directly to it. Like, you know, http://wiki.oversite.ru/%7e%83%91%e2%a0 & so on) — i suppose that total insensitiveness of how our URL is presented, as you assumed with glance, prohibits us from creating different pages for Wac Ko Ideas & Wacko Ideas. So there are no more problems to decide how to write No One Can? or Noone Can? — it is just the same.

On other hand, that is a strong opinion of mine, that person should be explicitly notified that page linked to Wacko Ideas are just the same as Wac Ko Ideas. We do so by two ways:

Kuso Mendokusee

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