Wacko CVS SVN 

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SVN- ,   (   ) Wacko Wiki.

  Wacko Wiki :

SVN version should only be used if you know exactly what you are doing

You can find the latest version of the Wacko Wiki code in SVN. This code is not guaranteed to work right or even at all.

Execute this command if you want to get Wacko Wiki source code from subversion :

Thanks for understanding.

MHM: It seems like the best UpgradeStrategy is:

  1. Export tables on the Wiki to be upgraded (using phpMyAdmin, for instance)
  2. Do a fresh Wacko4CVS install
  3. Clear the content for all tables on the fresh-install
  4. Import all data from the Wiki to be upgraded in the Wacko4CVS-tables
  5. set language for all pages using: or similar
  6. Modify wakka.config.php-settings, if necessary.

                   Wacko BetaTesting