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WackoWiki R4.2

Descargas R4.2:

En la Rusia sovi�tica, el wiki que editas TU!

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Оглавление документа

�Qu� diablos es esto?

Peque�o, ligero, vers�til, expandible cl�n-wiki escrito en PHP4.

Este c�digo se separ� de WakkaWiki 0.1.2, con algunos parches de ChS, wikini.net, algunas nuevas acciones de WakkaWiki.de y esencialmente un mont�n de c�digo fuente propio.

Por favor, suscribas� a ��http://wackowiki.com/wackowiki/updates/revisions.xml ==�� para recibir noticias cuando WackoWiki sea actualizado.


��/WackoWiki ==WackoWiki�� equipo de desarrollo:

Gracias infinitas y gratitud a todos los colaboradores de WackoWiki que conocemos:

What`s new in R4.2 comparing to R4?

Version history

Version history can be found ��VersionHistory ==here��.

What is the license?

You are free to everything. Hmm... almost =). See LICENSE file in installation pack.

If you are going to change (and especially enhance) this product, please ��thingol@mail.ru ==contact us��
so your changes could be included in next release of WackoWiki.

We`ve got ��/WackoCVS ==WackoCVS�� working. Sense this smell? I do.

What system does it require?

Requires: php4.1, mysql
Works better under: apache+mod_rewrite.

Where could I download this delicious stuff?

File Formats: The zip format is great for Windows and OS X platforms. Linux command line users may be more comfortable with the tar.gz file. The files in each archive are identical.


Please, subscribe to ��http://wackowiki.com/wackowiki/updates/revisions.xml ==�� feed
in order to receive notices when WackoWiki will be updated.

Where can I get additional themes?

Here — ��/WackoThemes ==��.
If you make your own theme, you can mail it to us.


Thank you for interested, long-suffered reading of this, hmm... junk? nevermind. Thanks anyway.

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