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If you don't see your question below, add it and we'll try to answer it asap. Questions here tell us that the documentation pages are not as clear as they should be.

Оглавление документа


1. Does Wacko have page comments like Wakka?

Setup and Install

1. How can I use multiple Wackos with table prefixes (wacko1_, wacko2_)?

Install twice WackoWiki, e.g. in wakka1 and wakka2 directories, then during setups indicate table prefixes wacko1_ for http://yoursite/wakka1 and wacko2_ for http://yoursite/wakka2 — DidierSpaier /09.10.2004 01:38/

2. How can I close the security holes in My SQL? (root sans pwd) and still be able to admin the DB (Win 2K, Win XP)


1. How do I enable SafeHTML?
“allow_rawhtml” => “0”
2. How do I link to files on my network with spaces in them? (ie. C:\Documents and Settings\Tim\My Documents\spider.sav)
3. Also want to know how to link to files on my network with spaces in them? (i.e. //sc_nt\CATALOG PAGES\Wiring Diagrams\xyz\NBCK.pdf)


1. What's the way to delete a user?

AFAIK, delete the record for this user in wakka_users table — but I don't know about the sides effects ; e.g., who becomes the user of a page owned by this user ? DidierSpaier /29.09.2004 01:20/


Development (Formatters, Actions, Contributing to Wacko)

1. What's the best way to submit a new formatter, action, theme or modification to Wacko?



1. Where can I get WackoWiki Themes?

/Wacko Themes

How about having a feature where you can mark a page as an index page (e.g. by putting a code as the first line of the page.) On any pages marked like this, PageReferences will be assumed to be to subpages of that page, rather than top level pages, unless you say so specifcally by starting with /. That way someone can make an index page for a section, and any new links in the section will end up as subpages, which is probably what you want most of the time.

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Is there any documentation on how to migrate from Wakkawiki to Wacko? I used an earlier site with both Wakkawiki and Wacko, but this was an earlier Wacko version. Now the database structure is different, and simply importing Wakkawiki data into Wacko doesn't work. I'd appreciate help on this, birgit.kellner@univie.ac.at

-- m-134-059.adsl.univie.ac.at (2004-07-22 02:09:45)

Just upgrade.

-- RomanIvanov (2004-08-10 17:14:10)

I want to be able to 'take my wiki' with me. I have a wiki installed on a Linux server in the office, however I'm looking for a good way to take a 'snapshot' (read-only is fine, and no revisions are fine) of the wiki and place it on my laptop so that I can take the information with me (I use it as a notes database). Any suggestions?

-- TimHarvey (2004-09-30 22:22:18)

May be you could just make a backup of the tables you need and put it on your laptop, provided you installed Apache / php / My Sql? on it For that purpose I use phpMyAdmin.

-- DidierSpaier (2004-10-01 21:21:56)


export already here: try adding /export.xml to any page address.

import will be here.

-- RomanIvanov (2004-10-01 22:22:21)

CVS and this site.

-- RomanIvanov (2004-10-07 07:51:55)

Is there a way I can remove some of the pages listed on the header?
For example, by default, they are:
Home Page | Page Index | Recent Changes | Recently Commented | Users | Registration |

I know you can modify them from the user settings, but I would like some of the pages from general users view.
I was looking at the header.php file, but got a little lost. Can anyone help out? :D

-- MelzP? (2004-10-09 00:33:08)

You'll find these settings at end of (e.g.) wakka.en.php file in the lang directory. For instance :
“default_bookmarks” => "Page Index?\nRecentChanges\nRecentlyCommented\nUsers?\nRegistration?",
“site_bookmarks” => "Page Index? / Recent Changes? / Recently Commented?",
You can change anything you want.

-- DidierSpaier (2004-10-09 01:19:21)

Thanks for the reply. I have another question though. I noticed the system automatically translates unicode characters to the ISO format (I'm using the english language). I have mixed content on my wiki (Japanese and English) and would like to output my pages preferably in UTF-8 format. Is there a way that I can (easily) comment out the parts out to disable the unicode translation? Right now, I get a bunch of encoded characters in the edit page and it makes things tough to read. Is this hard-coded or can it turned off?

I know this may not be the goal of the Wacko Wiki, but I really like the features right now and I want to keep using it :D

-- MelzP? (2004-10-10 00:21:14)

Roman, I see now how the /export.xml action works, however I don't see how that will help me make a static HTML snapshot of my wiki site (it just gives you an xml representation of the current page, unformatted via HTML).

Didier Spaier?, I thought of that suggestion but I would rather have a simple directory structure already formatted in HTML that I can take with me on perhaps a PDA or laptop without needing a webserver/php.

I've looked at using GNU wget as it can be used to mirror websites (which is pretty much exactly what I want), however I ran into problems getting it to 'crawl' my wiki as it started to follow the edit links :P If I can figure out a nice way to get it to not follow specific links I think I'll be ok. I probably should just sit down and write a script to do it.

Again, what I'm trying to get to is a way that I can obtain an archive of HTML files of my wiki pages, preserving the structure, for read-only viewing when I'm on the road away from a network connection and I need to access my notes that I store in wiki.

-- TimHarvey (2004-10-13 12:46:23)

Tim,, I wrote a little bash script which uses wget to export an HTML dump (snapshot) of Wacko Wiki. It assumes that rewrite_mode is 0 (off). I will upload it in a few minutes.

-- demantra-fw.ser.netvision.net.il (2005-03-24 14:43:37)

# $Id: $
# Shell script that creates an html dump of Wacko Wiki, assuming that
# Wack Wiki's? rewrite_mode is 0. The resulting dump-dir will contain
# the HTML content suitable for browsing offline.
# Example: demantra-wikidump.sh 'dump-dir-name' 'db-password'


# check parameters
if [ $# -ne 2 ] ; then

echo “usage: demantra-wikidump.sh 'dump-dir-name' 'db-password'"
exit 1


# create dump directory
\mkdir $1 > /dev/null 2>&1
if ! \cd $1 ; then

echo «ERROR: could not create or change to directory $1»
exit 1


# Get the page list
\mysql -s -u $DB_USER -p$2 $DB_DATABASE -e «select tag from ${TABLE_PREFIX}pages» > pages.lst

# Loop over the page list and (1) get the page then (2) fixup the links.
# The tricky part is getting clusters (subdirectories) to work.
for i in `cat pages.lst`; do

di=`dirname $i` # extract the cluster name
\mkdir -p $di > /dev/null 2>&1 # create the cluster dir
\wget -O $i.orig -q ${BASE_URL}${i}/print # Get the HTML page
\sed -e»s#wakka=\($di/\)#wakka=#g» \
-e»s#${BASE_URL}\([A-Za-z0–9_/]*\)[^ \t]*\"#\1.html\"#g" \
$i.orig > $i.html # Fix the hyperlinks
\rm -f $i.orig


-- demantra-fw.ser.netvision.net.il (2005-03-24 15:50:04)

Всё – таки есть ли возможность более корректного перевода wiki в оффлайновый формат. Например в chm. В частности интересует возможность быстрого создания помощи для разрабатываемого ПО.

-- nas-52-47.dul.tomsknet.ru (2005-09-25 20:53:12)
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