Оглавление документа

1. Description Actions

1.1. upload

1.2. files

2. Syntax of reference to the file

2.1. URL syntax

2.2. Wacko syntax

3. Tuning the installation

3.1. Tuning wakka.config.php

"upload"             => true,
"upload_images_only" => true,
"upload_max_size"    => 100,
"upload_max_per_user" => 100,
"upload_path"           => "files",
"upload_path_per_page"  => "files/perpage",

3.2. Script for creating the table in DB

CREATE TABLE r4_upload (
  id int(11NOT NULL auto_increment,
  page_id int(11NOT NULL default '0',
  filename varchar(250NOT NULL default '',
  description varchar(250NOT NULL default '',
  uploaded_dt datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00',
  filesize int(11NOT NULL default '0',
  picture_w int(11NOT NULL default '0',
  picture_h int(11NOT NULL default '0',
  file_ext varchar(10NOT NULL default '',
  user varchar(80NOT NULL default '0',
  PRIMARY KEY  (id),
  KEY page_id (page_id,filename),
  KEY page_id_2 (page_id,uploaded_dt),
  KEY user_id (user,page_id)

3.3. That it is necessary to guide in the file system

First, it is good in the standard delivery of installyatora to include these two catalogs (see above names) with the the standard of..yutachchess.

Secondly, to both these catalogs it is necessary to give rights to the record. Apparently, this mozhno/nuzhno to make only by hand. A question, must installyator or something check, are established rights?

4. Which remained to make

It thus far repaired hole with the scripts thus :

         if (
in_array(strtolower($ext), $banned))
$ext $ext.".txt";

5. To Do

pls. finish this translation, this was only an temporary text for german docu