Table of Contents

Оглавление документа

With this action one provides a table of contents (arrangement) to the respective side. This table of contents is provided automatically on basis of the headings existing in the text (see text formatting). This table of contents refers by anchors (<a name=...> and <a href=#...>) to the respective place in the text.

Note: The greatest possible heading (<h1>, and/or == in the Wiki syntax) into this table of contents not included, there this kind of the heading for the lemma (comparable with the title of a book) is intended and not for individual chapters.

1. Syntax

{{TableOfContents page=“pagename” title=titelname numerate=1 from=h2 to=h6}}

(Anstatt TableOfContents kann auch ToC geschrieben werden)


page The parameter “page” contains the Wikinames of the page, for which the table of contents is provided. If “page” is empty or is not at all indicated, the listing for the current side is provided.
(Statt page kann man auch for schreiben)
title The heading for the table of contents gives on (default value: Contents)
numerate The chapters are numerated automatically, even if in the text no numbering were indicated.
from to Indicates, which headings in the table of contents are to be indicated.


All parameters are optional, i.e. it is possible to only use {{ToC}}.
If you want to change depth use parameters from and to.

{{ToC from=h2 to=h4}} are default parameters

anything with a headline value will be listed with anchors to specific parts of your page.
Note: if you are using this with the 'include' plugin, but don't want the headers that you're pulling in from the include file to be listed in the generated table of contents, use the 'notoc' option like so:

{{Include file="WackoFormatting/Headlines" notoc="1"}}

1.1. Examples

a) Table of contents for this Page:

Invoke: {{ToC}}

Оглавление документа

b) For another page:

Invoke: {{ToC for="/WackoDocumentation/WackoFormatting"}}

Оглавление документа WackoDocumentation/WackoFormatting

c) like b), however with title and autonumbering:

Invoke: {{ToC for="/WackoDocumentation/WackoFormatting" title="Formatierung mit Titel und Autonummerierung" numerate="1"}}

Оглавление документа Formatierung mit Titel und Autonummerierung

d) like c), however with title and the defined level (here “h2” to “h3”):

Invoke: {{ToC for="/WackoDocumentation/WackoActions" title="Actions" numerate="0" from="h2" to="h3"}}

Оглавление документа Actions