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Wacko Clusters — Hierarchies in WackoWiki

It allows documents to be divided among “directories” using forward slashes and a method of addressing that is typically used with URLs.

Rules of simplified addressing:

  1. Link to the current page
    • If a link to a page must be made on that same page,
    • the notation ! must be used
  2. Link to a page at the same level
  3. Link to a page that is lower in the hierarchy
  4. Link to a page that is higher in the hierarchy
  5. Link to a top-level page — just as in good old DOS

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Is it possible to automaticly create a list of subpages of a cluster?

-- bkj50.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl (2005-02-05 19:26:35)

{{tree Cluster=/Your Cluster?}}

-- EnnoGus? (2005-02-05 22:40:13)

I don't think it is a good idea to call these clusters. There are already clusters in Oddmuse wiki (http://www.oddmuse.org/cgi-bin/wiki/Page_Clusters), and they are something completely different. Why not call them subpages like Media Wiki? and Wikki Tikki Tavi? do?


-- ZYYMKCCLII.dsl.saunalahti.fi (2005-04-21 01:51:19)
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