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Configuration file

The More or Less detailed description of configuration file wakka.config.php
for WackoWiki R4.2

Sign (?) I indicates I doubt the correctness of commentary. To whom would wish a
precise version, or the refinement of details, /Roman Ivanov would be pleased to guide.

“mysql_host” = > “localhost”,
– the name of host, on which is located DBMS – DATA BASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM My SQL? (usually localhost)

“mysql_database” = > “wakka”,
– the name of the database

“mysql_user” = > “wakka”,
– the name of the user of the database

“table_prefix” = > “wakka_",
– the prefix of the tables of the database

“cookie_prefix” = > “wakka_",
– prefix for cookies

“root_page” = > «HomeWiki",
– the Wiki Name name of the root page. It will become the root reference.

“wakka_name” = > “MyWackoWiki",
– the name of the Wiki- site

“base_url” = > "http://mydomain.org/wiki/",
– the complete address or URL, where is located the Wiki

“rewrite_mode” = > “1”,
– “short, beautiful URL”
1 – yes.
It should be used wherever possible. Search systems love short file names.
But it's only possible if the server is configured with mod_rewrite enabled. You can do this either in your apache configuration file (httpd.conf) or with an .htaccess file (see Mod Rewrite Enable)

“action_path” = > “actions”,
– the path for “actions”, i.e. functions peformed by Wacko. It should not be changed.

“handler_path” = > “handlers”,
– the path for program processors. It should not be changed.

“language” = > “en”,
– language to default to: ru – Russian; en – English; fr – French and so on.

“theme” = > “default”,
– theme, skin, template, the exterior appearance of Wacko. They lie at folder wacko/themes/
It is possible to change themes it and add new ones — let us know if you feel your new theme deserve to be shared among all Wacko users.

“header_action” = > “header”,
– the file from which top of all pages are derived.
It lies in the themes, for a given theme the path of this file is: wacko/themes/[theme name]/appearance/header.php

“footer_action” = > “footer”,
– the file from which bottom of all pages are derived.
It lies in the themes, for a given theme the path of this file is: wacko/themes/[theme name]/appearance/footer.php

“show_datetime” = > “Y”,
– to show parameter v= in url.
This parameter accomplishes the following task: to give in the browser a visual difference in the displayed pages from those not changing from the moment of last visit.

“show_spaces” = > “Y”,
– to show spaces in WikiNames, e.g. MyName beeing displayed as My Name.

“default_typografica” = > “1”,
– to use built-in typographic correction
1 – yes.

“default_showdatetime” = > “1”,
– to show parameter v = in url.
This parameter accomplishes the following task: to give in the browser a visual difference in the displayed pages from those not changing from the moment of last visit.

“paragrafica” = > “1”,
– to use built-in paragrafica
1 – yes.

“referrers_purge_time” = > “1”,
– the storage time of information about the references to this page (quantity of days)
“0” – the unlimited quantity of time.

“pages_purge_time” = > “0”,
– the storage time of the history of changes in the page.
“0” – the unlimited time.
“1” – one day,
“90” – 90 days, etc.

“hide_comments” = > “0”,
– to hide commentaries to the page.
1 – yes
0 – no

“hide_files” => “0”,
– to hide files to the page.
1 – yes
0 – no

“debug” = > “0”,
– for debugging purposes. It will hardly be necessary for standard users, mainly useful for developpers.

“youarehere_text” = > “ ",
– This is for those people who hates links to the same page.
– Try to “youarehere_text” = > "<b>####</b>", All links-to-self became not links, but blod text.

“hide_locked” = > “1”,
– to hide pages with the limited rights of access from those whom this access is not intended for. “to hide” indicates not to derive in different lists, such as Recent Changes?.
1 – yes; 0 – no (next to the reference it will be moistenings).

“allow_rawhtml” = > “0”,
– to solve syntax for the insertion of arbitrary HTML-code.

“urls_underscores” = > “0”,
– to form addresses (URLs) with underscores (for example, http://somewhere/Wiki_Page).
http://wackowiki.com/WackoWiki becames http://wackowiki.com/Wacko_Wiki with this option

“allrecentchanges_page” = > «AllRecentChanges",
– page that shows all changes (including “locked”, i.e. that you cannot see). This page is part of admin's tools.

“allpageindex_page” = > «AllPages",
– page that shows all pages (including “locked”, i.e. that you cannot see). This page is part of admin's tools.

– There's option for admin – he can create some ACLed page where he can see full recenchanges and pageindex list, with those pages, which ACLed “against” him or against all =)
– This parameters allow admin to define page names, where {{allrecentchanges}} and {{allpageindex}} allowed to run.

“default_write_acl” = > "*",
– right for writing in the page, that is to say recording modifications. See admins rights

“default_read_acl” = > "*",
– right for reading the page

“default_comment_acl” = > "*",
– right for leaving commentaries about the page

“default_rename_redirect” = > “1”,
– (?)

“allow_registration” => “1”,
1 – everybody can, only “0”, only admin can register / create new user

“standart_handlers” = > «acls|addcomment|claim|diff|edit|msword|print|referrers|referrers_sites|remove|rename|revisions|revisions\.xml|show|watch|settings”,
– the collection of processors (possibilities) for each page of your Wacko

“edit_table_based” = > “0”,
– Design (appearance) option used in tabs theme.

“revisions_hide_cancel” = > “0”,
– The same

“footer_comments” = > “1”,
– the presence of commentaries on the page
1 – yes

“footer_files” = > “0”,
– the presence of the form of load it is file on the page
1 – yes

“disable_tikilinks” = > “0”,
– Do not allow Wiki.Word to be link to /Wiki/Word

“remove_onlyadmins” = > “0”,
– only admins can DELETE pages.

“upload” = > “admins”,
– right to the upload files
“admins” means that only users belongig to admins group can upload the files
“1” means that uploading is opened to everybody.
“0” means that upload disabled.

“upload_images_only” = > “0”,
– is possible to upload pictures?
1 – yes
0 – no

“upload_max_size” = > “100”,
– the maximum size of an unloaded file

“upload_max_per_user” = > “100”,
– the maximum total of all is files for one user

“upload_path” = > “files”,
– the path for unloaded files, accessible for all

“upload_path_per_page” = > «files/perpage”,
– the path for files linked to particular pages, accessible only from the pages they are linked to.

“upload_banned_exts” = > «php|cgi|js|php|php3|php4|php5|pl|ssi|jsp|phtm|phtml|shtm|shtml|xhtm|xht|asp|aspx|htw|ida|idq|cer|cdx|asa|htr|idc|stm|printer|asax|ascx|ashx|asmx|axd|vdisco|rem|soap|config|cs|csproj|vb|vbproj|webinfo|licx|resx |resourches”,
– files with given extensions are forbidden for uploading

“disable_autosubscribe” = > “0”,
– to turn off automatic subscription author of page to the watching for this page
1 – yes.
One should leave the value of “0”. In this case it will be possible to receive notifications by email about changes in your pages.

“allow_gethostbyaddr” => “1”,
– Allow or not to make IP -> hostname resolution (when anonymous edits
pages, Wacko stores info about his IP/hostname).

“multilanguage” = > “0”,
– the possibility of selecting the language used for interface from existing ones.
1 – yes.
If the value of “0”, means language indicated as the default one will be used (see above)

“mysql_password” = > “mypassword”,
– password to the data base

“admin_name” = > «WikiAdmin",
Wiki Name of administrator, its login to enter the Wiki.

“admin_email” = > «admin@myserver.org”,
– email of the administrator

“wakka_version” = > “0.1.2”,
“wacko_version” = > “R4”,
– Wacko version (do not change, this should only be changed by upgrading wackwiki software!)

$wakkaConfig["aliases"] = array(«Admins» => «UserOne\nUserTwo\nUserThree",);

– You can make groups that can be added to the ACLs (Access Control Lists) to provide fine grained access controls on each page of your wiki. To start a new group, simply add it to this “aliases” array. For example, a group called “Users” could be added to the example configuration above like this:

“Users” => «UserFour\nUserFive",

To Do

(?) to found in wakka.en.php:
�site_bookmarks� => �PageIndex / RecentChanges / RecentlyCommented",
� laying about to silence for the registered user??
�default_bookmarks� => �PageIndex\nRecentChanges\nRecentlyCommented\nRegistration",
� laying for the unregistered user.

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When I write that <# <div class="col1"> #> wacko close automatically the div <# <div class="col1"> #></div> How can I change that? I would like to be able to insert the html code I want in the div.


-- BorisNew? (2004-09-16 10:03:36)

I don't know if it's possible. I guess that for know you should include both opening and closing tags — i.e. the whole block — inside the <# and #> markers.

-- DidierSpaier (2004-09-18 22:06:58)

That would be very painful!! because, then I would have to insert a lot of <br>, etc. Wacko would be useless in this case (it would be better to edit a simple html page by ftp)
Would you have any idea what php file would do the automatic insertion?

-- BorisNew? (2004-09-20 13:38:36)

Hello, Boris New.

>> If you switch this behaviour off, your wiki will be very unsafe. Any 
>> visitor will be able to insert any malicious code in your pages.

BN> Ok, I'll protect by password the pages (I'd like to use Wacko for my
BN> personal website). Where can I disable that?

Replace formatters/safehtml.php with this:


echo $text;


I'll implement an option in next release of Wacko.

-- RomanIvanov (2004-09-27 07:33:40)
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