Wacko Features

“...Much of the true value of the Web comes from targeted, specialized sites.
Small sites can't afford monster CMS products, so a good low-end system is highly welcome.” — Jakob Nielsen

WackoWiki – Small, lightweight, handy, expandable, multilingual Wiki-engine based on Wakka Wiki. WYSIWYG editor, easy installer, many localizations, email notification on changes/comments, several cache levels, design themes (skins) support, XHTML compliance, page rights (ACLs), page comments and is distributed under the BSD License.

Come out and feeling wacko about it.


WackoWiki has no features. Actually, I've just started using it and am a little puzzled why no one has put anything up here. So I'm creating the page hoping someone will fix it...

It seems to be one of the most capable, if not the most capable, of the WakkaWiki forks. It can do files, comments, and cluster (see more in the docs). It's got a nice not-quite-WYSIWIG interface and can be integrated very elegantly into a web page. It's also really easy to install (even though the docs don't say that you have to create the config file in the main directory before the installation — they just tell you to chmod it!). I had it up and running in like 5 minutes.

It's similar to WikkaWakkaWiki, but seems to offer some more things. Maybe someone can elaborate...

It's got a nice InterWiki setup, and can do Table of Contents and a whole lot more (see the section on formatting). It's got good access control.

I've been exploring lots of different Wikis recently, and this might be the one I go with. Very nice overall. Now, if only we could get more docs in English... c'mon guys!

Thanks for the great work.