1. Wacko Installation

Оглавление документа

Not much to it (as long as it works, ahem).

Check requirements
Unpack/upload the distribution files into a directory that can be accessed via the web.
Create an empty writeable file called wakka.config.php
Then go to the corresponding URL. A web-based installer will walk you through the rest.

1.1. Example

If your website, say, https://www.mysite.com, is mapped to the directory /home/jdoe/www/, and you place the Wacko distribution files into /home/jdoe/www/wacko/, you should go to https://www.mysite.com/wacko/.

Note that Wacko distributions normally unpack into directories that include the version in their name; you'll probably want to rename those to just “wakka” — or, if you're on a unixoid system, set up a symbolic link.

If you are upgrading or installing over a previously installed wacko wiki:

If you are installing to a clean directory

Wacko can export the Recent Changes list as RSS. Please make sure the xml/ subdirectory is writable, since this is where the files are stored.

IMPORTANT: for installing or upgrading Wakka/Wacko, do NOT modify any of the files contained in the setup/ subdirectory. They're used by the web-based installer/updater, but you should really just access the Wakka directory itself, and it will (or at least should) work perfectly.

(adapted slightly from Hendrik Mans original)

2. Wacko Update

Migration from WakkaWiki

Upgrade supported for WakkaWiki versions:

  • WakkaWiki 0.1
  • WakkaWiki 0.1.1
  • WakkaWiki 0.1.2
  • WakkaWiki 0.1.3-dev (R4.2)

  1. Backup all your important files including the files in the Wacko folder and in the database as well. You never know. Need a simple Backuptool?
  2. Extract the updated version of WackoWiki on to your hard disk.
  3. If you want to keep your layout, you have to use a program like WinMerge to merge your *.css and other theme files with the new files in the folder wacko/themes/default.
  4. (optional) You can create a file named locked in the wacko folder. This file should contain one line – this word will be the password. When Wacko finds this file, it will ask every visitor for a login/password, because of the upgrade process. The login name is “admin”, the password is the content of locked file.
  5. Now, upload the complete folder to your WackoWiki place. Let it replace the old files, if necessary.
    • However: wakka.config.php MUST be re-used from the old installation if you want to upgrade. Otherwise you will get database problems.
    • And: You MUST upload new files into the same directory if you want to upgrade.
  6. Navigate with your browser to the WackoWiki folder as you wanted to visit your page.
  7. If the data base needs updating, the installer will start automatically. It is self explanatory.
  8. Go to page and check the result! If you have any problems, you may have to adjust some *.css files.
  9. (see step 4) Do not forget to remove locked file.

If you see the blank page on any step,

  1. Open wakka.php and comment the line 8, «ob_start («ob_gzhandler»);", with an //.
  2. Then see DB error and report it to the bugtracker along with the steps to reproduce the problem.

Any problems with the install (that you want answered in English), paste below or in comments to this page.

Installing is very straightforward overall, however there are two things to look out for:
1. general: the unzipped directory and all contained files and subdirectories have (secure but not web-readable) permissions set so that the web-based installer is not found. The fastest way to get things running, but which also makes the install less secure is to go into the folder that contains the 'wacko' directory and run 'chmod -R 755 wacko'. Alternatively, go through all the directories and adjust permissions as necessary.
2. perhaps a problem on some webhosts: the .htaccess file gave my web host's configuration trouble, i.e. it couldn't find anything within the wacko folders. deleting .htaccess solved the problem.

3. What should my .htaccess file look like in order to allow for “nice-looking” URL's? I attempted to use the same rules as I previously used (successfully) on WakkaWiki, but no luck. The way I attempted it, my .htaccess file looked like this:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^style/logo/r=(.*)/g=(.*)/b=(.*)/(.*)$ style/betapilogo.php?r=$1&g;=$2&b;=$3 [QSA,L]
RewriteRule ^style/logo/grey=(.*)/(.*)$ style/betapilogo.php?grey=$1 [QSA,L]
RewriteRule ^style/(.*)$ style/$1 [L]
RewriteRule ^style$ wakka.php?wakka= [L]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ wakka.php?wakka=$1 [QSA,L]

Anyone see what I'm doing wrong?

3. RomanIvanov: Please, take .htaccess from Wacko distro.

3. Questions

3.1. How can access to all files be limited to known wacko users?

It would be great not to have to restrict but the problem is that some fool keep publishing links to porn on our wiki!!!
Thanks for a great job otherwise! Phil

The answer is in the wiki already See Access Control Lists found it myself after a little more reading

3.2. 404 Not Found – Wiki cannot be found

after installation without errors -> wrong settings for rewrite_mode

I've tried an install on localhost — no problem — then tried two on an ISP (Win) and have no success; after installation which says all was OK; when I click on the homepage — I get an error page — The page cannot be found — and .net/wacko/index.phpHomePage...??? Thanks for your help.

Not Found

The requested URL /wacko/StartSeite was not found on this server.

you set your Base URL without /wakka.php?wakka=

go in your wakka.config.php and add /wakka.php?wakka= to your Base URL

rewrite_mode => 0
base_url => "/wakka?wakka="

now it should work (?)
Yes — that fixed it. Thanks.

I was having the same problem and changed my Apache configuration so the directory declaration looks like this:

Rewrite seems to work fine now.

3.3. Strange Add Page Behaviour

On one of my sites, the Wiki can't seem to stop adding pages — after you click Maybe you want to create it? , and add text — then SAVE, it adds another page — with... Racing/Argentina/editadd1?v=1ekf after the entry — it also forgets the entries it has already made. I'm confused because my other sites work very well. Also, it wont allow you to logout....or register?

Solution: in config file do: rewrite_mode => 0

3.4. Email problem

i do not have an smtp server running on my website, and no mail is being sent. how can i change the used smtp server? and do you know of any open smtp servers which i could use?
I have the same problem, where do I define what server to send mail through for watchlists? –

mail() function

3.5. Login problem

I can't logi or logout. Noting happened whe I push logout.
Firefox 1.0.6 Konqueror Opera etc. Linux Mandriva.